Heart Songs


“These are my heart songs
They never feel wrong
And when I wake for goodness sake
These are the songs I keep singin’.. “ [Weezer – Heart Song]

1.   OneRepublic – Good Life

2.  Flumpool – 花になれ (Hana ni Nare)

3.  Maroon 5 – Nothin Last Forever / Heard’ Em Say (Kanye West ft. Adam Lavine)

4.  John Mayer – The Heart of Life

5.  Leessang ft. Baek Ji Young – Remembrance 

6.  ONE OK ROCK – Notes’nWords

7.  Weezer – Heart Song

8.  BIGBANG – Blue

9.  Joe Hisaishi – Summer

10. Sigur Rós – Hoppipolla


 *been trying to learn inserting links to texts, and ended up putting video links. Anyway, please enjoy :)

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