Random Talk

Indonesia President Election is the most important thing that will determine the future of the nation. Every day we will be hearing many things in television news and papers about their campaign coverage. I’m not trying to write about my choice for president here, but instead i’m trying to look this election period from another point of view.

In the last few days, I had the opportunity to travel around to various places in Indonesia for my office projects. From the remote places in Kalimantan to the busy cities in Java and Sumatra. In those places I met a lot of people, from the fishermen, local government employees,  taxi drivers, waitresses and so on. Eventually, some light conversation topic will lead to choice of president candidate.

The reactions were also various. Some people yelled their candidate names while using their T-Shirt around, another people would just smile while naming their choice softly, some others were just kept mentioning their opposing candidate weakness. This is Democracy. Nothing wrong with this. Except one time when i’m riding a taxi in the middle of nowhere, and the taxi driver kept trying to point all the weakness of my choice, and I was actually afraid that he would got angry and drop me off in the middle of nowhere. Scary …

Anyway, I always thought that because of different cultures, different education level, different environment, having different views for this is totally understandable. Like I said, this is democracy, as long as no harm is done. The two president candidates right now is like black and white (of course, this is as far as I know). Some policies they propose is always the opposite of the other one. They are also supported by the people of the party that has always opposed each other. This fact should make it easier for us to choose, right?

Talking about the strength and weakness of the candidates is actually normal, because we need to make a choice. But in the truth, we only hear those strength and weakness from the news. Whether it’s all the truth or it’s all made up news, we really don’t have the ability to know. Not for me at least. In my opinion, only God knows what is the candidates true intention for Indonesia in the future, so which one is the one who speak the truth is doesn’t matter. They can always speak one thing now, and act the other way in the future.

It’s politic anyway and right now, I am more concerned with the motivation of people to choose than what their choose, and it turned out disappointing.

For me, the important thing that I realized lately is that small talks and conversation about this can reveal some people’s deepest ambition. It turned out that I’m just too naive for this. I always know that people will choose someone that will be beneficial for themselves, but I never thought that people will sacrifice an entire nation and humanity for just their selfish motives. Some people that I respect for their idealism, can suddenly talk about position and power. Whether this  had to be done because their current positions and they cannot refuse, or just merely personal ambition, this is just disappointing.

The lesson learnt is that do not work in a place who will affect your freedom to choose and idealism. This election period also can be seen as a trial period for people for their faith and humanity. We can evaluate people from their motivation and their candidates for president. You are what you choose. I’m not being pessimistic, but it’s always the reality. We should only put our hope in God only, not to human being.



2 responses to “Random Talk

  1. It’s very surprising to read this “I never thought that people will sacrifice an entire nation and humanity for just their selfish motives.” I then remember what Abraham Lincoln said ” Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” You don’t even need to give them power, they reveal their true character by only talking about leaders they choose!

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