Procrastinating #2. Playing Tennis

This is a part of procrastinating as I’m supposed to work on my building technical specification report, bu~t suddenly I don’t feel like doing it, and writing this random text instead.


This thought came to mind when I was playing tennis a few days ago.

I like playing tennis because tennis is difficult. I started to learn and play tennis in 2003, stop practicing for years and have been practicing again recently. And for ten years I still can’t produce a great sound. You know, the sound that we can hear in the tennis play when a professional player hit the ball. I can’t really describe the sound, but it’s the sound of the speedy ball when it touch your racket in the right place and bounce back in a high speed. It’s really cool and make me so envious to try.

For years my style of playing is still inconsistent. When I’m quite focused I can almost return all the ball and make a score, and in another time I can’t even predict where the ball will bounce so I can’t hit it.

There’s one time when a girl walked in and played with her coach in the tennis court next to ours. When she did a warm up, the little girl looked exhausted and quite pitiful, but once she  swinged her racket the sound she made is amazing. Me and my friends gasped in awe, and suddenly all of us played like on fire and smashed all the ball, even though we messed our play rhythm. Really inconsistent

I’m still trying to find the best method to make a perfect sound each time a hit the ball. One time I tried to focus my view to the ball, but I ended up stumbling because I didn’t pay attention to my step. Next, I tried to tightened my grip on the racket. I did get the good sound of the ball bouncing on my racket but I can’t assist the ball to right spot and my hand get swollen a bit. The third attempt is to increasing the power of my hit by make a full circle swing before hitting the ball, and I ended up making a home run (the balls flew out of the tennis court).

After all the emphasizing on  physical attempts was failed,  I tried another attempt by using my brain. Not like the one in the sports comic, but I started to feel that those are necessary. First, I start to make a rhythm, by the sound of bouncing ball. You know, like feeling the pattern of the sound that produced by the bouncing ball. It did work for a while , but when I started to feel like August Rush, I couldn’t return a speed ball, because it bounce out of the rhythm.

Next thing I did is hypnotizing myself to focus on the hit target. Like before, it was only worked for a while, I did hit a speedy ball, my ball hit the right target but the other party couldn’t return it so the playing was not flowing nicely.

Last Tuesday I was  in a happy mood and too lazy to focus my mind to the balls. I sang a song while playing, but suddenly all my ball hit the target with a good sounds eventhough I didn’t put too much effort to hit. And moreover the play was flowing nicely. Very Nice!

I always knew that sports is about excercising your body and soul, but I always thought it’s just about increasing a fighting spirit in one’s soul. For example, I never finished more than 2 lapse when doing jogging in Sabuga, because I’m a quitter. Haha. Jogging is too boring and in no time my brain would tell my body to stop. But I realize now that some sports need more than just a fighting spirit.

After playing tennis for a while I started to think that this sport is not really about excercising your body but it’s more about excercising your mental state. It’s about how you can stabilize your mental state, calculating the position of the bouncing ball, and synchronizing your brain with your motoric move.


And suddenly I feel like reading good old sports comics like Offside and Harlem Beat, and still refuse to finish the report…


7 responses to “Procrastinating #2. Playing Tennis

  1. After reading this, somehow I feel like I want to play sports.
    I agree that Tennis is difficult, many years ago I started to play and had difficulty to control how much power needed to hit the ball. Sometimes it ended up like a homerun… LOL

    • Wow, you play tennis too. Yes, tennis is kinda tricky. Maybe i should play baseball instead :p by the way if you feel like playing again you can join us anytime.

      • Actually I only learned to play 2 or 3 times in junior high school.. then I stopped and switched to football because most of my friends tend to play football regularly. I still considered tennis as fun sport really. If only I can remember how to play tennis, I would be very happy to join.

      • Ahaha. That’s exactly why i stopped practising before, not many of my friends who continued playing. besides, playing tennis can be troublesome. you can’t just play it anywhere like football or badminton.

      • Yea it is troublesome. Maybe that’s also the reason tennis is less popular than badminton. but i think it must be very nice to have close buddies that can always available to play tennis together. I wish I can have that. And sabuga still has good tennis court.

    • Actually it’s just two of us, so just buddy not buddies 🙂 like i said still not many people playing. we decided to learn to play properly with a coach. But we always open for guest player hehe #mau ngajakin afa tapi sibuk mulu dia

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