[Reminiscence] Re: Write



In 2006 when I started writing my proposal for final project,  I used to listen Asian Kungfu Generation’s song, Re: Write. This song reminds me a determination to do a ‘seems impossible’ project with a potential long term head damage and sleepless nights. I did get a lot of sleepless nights and very long term head damage, and the project did failed. But with the Grace of Allah, I had my ‘revenge’ by doing the actual project in 2012.

And right now, I need to feel that kind of determination to do another ‘seems impossible’ project.

This song right here might just right for that kind of feeling, because this one is going to be a ve~ry long run.

So, buckled up. Ready?


Re:Re by Asian Kungfu Generation (2004) from the Album Sol-fa


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