The Impossible (2012)

Even though in the introduction I wrote that I will write some reviews of my favourite movies, I realize now that I haven’t written any. So this review will be the first.


The movie title is Lo Imposible/ The Impossible (2012). I don’t know if the movie is an award winning movie or not, I don’t even bother to check. But I like it so much that I watch it about 4 times in a month. (2 times in the cable, and then I get the copy of the movie). The movie is  about a real life experience of a family who were a victim of tsunami disaster in 2004. They went to Thailand for a family vacation, but the hotel they stayed at was swept away by a tsunami, and they got separated.

The tsunami in Southern Asia 2004 was huge in many different meanings. Alhamdulillah, thanks to God Almighty that no one that I know became a victim. I did heard from my uncle that my mother’s distant cousins who still live in Aceh were lost and some of them cannot be found.  After the tsunami, people around the world got busy to help the disaster victims. My parents went there as a medical aid workers from Humanity First for about two weeks, so I heard a lot of stories afterwards. My friends also went there to help building a low cost houses for people who lost their houses. In 2008, I helped my lecture studying  traditional village in Nias that also got swept away by tsunami, in attempt to restore it. Those time were the time of reflection. People can really feel their connection to God Almighty, we are a mere dust that has no power. Victim or no-victim, everybody’s life was never be the same again.

I think, this movie achieve it’s goal to make people remembering those times, but in a softer way. Fortunately, there are no scene that is  too horrible to watch. Every scene was made quite beautiful despite the disaster. I can say that the cinematography  was seriously done. The tsunami looks real. I haven’t seen a tsunami, but you can see that the producer made a monstrous  wave that swept everything away. I bet a CG was involved, but it was neatly done. You can still see the water flow naturally in detail. Either a CG or a real water, they did a very good job. They also shot the whole movie in detail. The situation, the settings, people’s trauma, everything. Very thoughtful. I like it.

The Impossible 1

The main leads are Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watt, but I think their children also play a very important part, because probably the main magnet that kept me watching through the whole movie is the little boys. There are a lot of cute scene of babies and kids in this movie. Really cute scenes. That’s why I really feel worried about the boys after the tsunami scene until the end of the movie.

A very good note from this movie is that the family was very grateful for the local people. The local people lost their families, they lost their homes, but they still willing to help them (as in foreign people/tourist) first, even though they also need help. In the movie, Lucas the eldest son,  also try to help the victims. At first he didn’t have any idea what can a kid like him do to help people, but then he started to help the victims to find their relatives that scattered all over the super huge hospitals.  I think a huge disaster like this did unite people. They didn’t see nationalities, race or skin, but they feel the same burden, that’s why they help each other.


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