Chinese Novel Translation – 长相思 (Lost You Forever)



There are two reasons why I wrote this post tonight. The first one is because my writing score was disappointing *sobs*. Actually I was planning to write in Indonesian if I could get a satisfying score, but yeah..whatever..I made this blog for practicing, so, let’s just continue this blog in English. The second reason is because recently I’m addicted to a novel, and I’m having post-reading insomnia.

I started to read a translation of a Chinese novel in one of my favorite blog.  ( Actually, the blogger used to write drama recaps. (Sometimes I prefer to read recaps than watching the drama itself, because it faster to read than watching). But I noticed that she also wrote translation of her favorite Chinese novels. She translated every word from the novel, and posted a chapter every now and then, and unfortunately the book is so good and I’m hooked.

The book title is “Lost You Forever”. I don’t really understand what the title supposed to be, because they even have a debate deciding what the best translation for the the original chinese character. Yeah I know, the title is kinda cheezy, usually this kind of title will never exist in my reading list, but shoot, the illustration hooked me in.

The first thing that interests me to read is the setting. The story happened in the ancient time when humans live along Gods and Demons, in other word an alterworld. For me, this kind of setting is a bit unusual for a love story. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down on love story novels, but they tend to use real live setting to deliver the story closer to reader, so the reader can refer their feeling easier to the characters. They pay more attention to the characters development than the details of the story setting. But in this book, the writer describe the alterworld setting in detail so much that I really want to see it to be a movie. I imagine the setting will be the eastern version of Lord of The Ring. (Maybe I’m exaggerated it a bit, just a bit, and I still want it to be a movie)

Secondly, the heroine character is so good. Gyaaah! I think Wen Xiao Lu, the heroine lead in this novel is one of the best heroine character I ever found. I think the writer never describe how she looked  like on the beginning of the novel on purpose. When the blogger explained how the heroine can shape-shift herself into a man in the beginning, I felt a little meh…Gender bender  manga and drama was kinda typical and easily guessed, and I thought this novel would fall to the same categories. Fortunately, I was wrong. The character development is way much better that anything I have ever read. The heroine is witty, lazy, stubborn, genius but very weak and vulnerable in the same time, in short she is a trouble magnet. But that’s how the story moving with her at the center.

I’ve just read 9 chapters from the first book, and each chapter keeps getting better. The writer published another 2 books for the sequel. I imagine the blogger will need about a year to finish translating the whole 3 books. *weeps* I’m seriously considering to learn chinese to read this novel, but I can’t even write properly in English. Yeah, maybe in the next life.


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