Aula Timur Inauguration Ceremony

Yesterday we celebrate ITB’s birthday. Yeay! *throw confetti*. Usually I never remember something like this. However, because of this particular ceremony, suddenly we had to work overtime in weekend. We have been informed that ITB birthday ceremony was going to celebrate together with Aula Timur Inauguration ceremony since months before, but we just knew that we have to make an exhibition 2 days before. So yeah..hectic moments happened.

Barakgebouw Exhibition Panels

We made these panels in October 2013 for the inauguration of Aula Barat. Well, my friends made these while I was away for a vacation hehe.  For the inauguration ceremony, we arrange and hung these panels by ourselves in Sunday night.

Arguing about the position of the drawings that had not been neatly hung in the middle of the night.


Aula Timur interior after restoration. Pak Bambang was giving brief speech about the restoration project, while Rector and Professors were listening (credits : Zaki Adhiguna, 2014).

Just like Aula Barat, the black paint from the wooden arches was stripped away, so we can see the laminated wooden arch. I read many blogs and comments about this. Many people wonder whether the wooden structure in the interior should or should not be painted black?

Van Leerdam wrote that in the past they have limited funding for the construction for these two buildings.  To suppress the price,  they only painted and varnished the doors and windows. Woods for the column and structural was left rustic / rough. (Leerdam, 1988 – Henri MacLaine Pont: Architect Tussen Twee Werelde). However, there must be many changes happen to the building that was not recorded. We guessed for the practical reason, the structural wooden arches in the interior of the buildings were painted black so they will be quite easy to cleaned maintained.

I can share the detail about this, but maybe in another post.

Trivia : What the most significant difference of Aula Barat main hall and Aula Timur Main hall?. Yes, the hanging lamps. We don’t have any records about these lamps, but we found pictures from 1950s, and the lamps were already hanging in the building. So, even though they might not be the original lamps, they have already be the part of heritage.


Prof. Ahmaloka was signing the plaquettes (credits : Zaki Adhiguna, 2014). We made 2 plaquettes, one for each building. We decided that the plaquettes have to be made from copper, so they can match with the antique vibe of the buildings. Normally, people will choose brass, but the brass colour will clash with the wood colour, so we choose copper. The written words in both plaquettes are exactly the same,  we just put a different drawing for each building. I wonder if Pak Ahmaloka can guess which one is for Aula Barat and which one is for Aula Timur, hehe..



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