Het Departement van Gouvernementsbedrijven in Bandoeng

Gouvernementsbedrijven te Bandoeng or Gedung Sate is a colonial building that was built in 1920, nowadays it is used as office of the Governor and known as Gedung Sate.  Few days ago some people from the Governor’s office came to our research laboratory. They said that they want to make a video about Gedung Sate that will be used as an introduction for Gedung Sate visitors. They came to clarify some information they already have that will be used as a history facts in the video. They worried their information was not legit and they admit that some of these are baseless. So they ask our help to clarify their information regarding Gedung Sate.

In 2011, we have done some research about Gedung Sate original drawings. Apparently, people in the Governor office found a bunch of blueprint drawings and they were not sure how to read them because they were in Dutch. They asked my lecturer to help them reading the drawings and my lecturer ask us to do that, hahaha..

At first, we were confused  ‘what exactly do they ask us to make?’ We never saw any documents about how to explain drawings, not to mention our limited Dutch.  But after we examine the drawings thoroughly we found many interesting facts, and eventually the report was done.

Since we are the one who wrote the report/guidelines to read the drawings, the people from the Governor’s office assumed that we know a lot about Gedung Sate history. We don’t. Because we never conduct a proper research about that, only some research about the drawings. In fact we rarely  found scientific paper that wrote about the building and the architect who designed the building.

For your Information, Gouvernementsbedrijven/ Gedung Sate was design by Dutch architect, Ir. J. Gerber in 1920. It was built as a preparation of capital city transfer from Batavia to Bandoeng. However, J. Gerber was rarely recorded in any of colonial architectural documents. People only knew him as the architect who design the Gouvernementsbedrijven, and that’s it. For a building as important as Gedung Sate, we should have much more history about the building, otherwise we could have some difficulties in preserving the buildings.

Anyway, yesterday we started to search information about J. Gerber (We didn’t even know his first name), and apparently many people in Netherland using Gerber as family name. And after two days, we finally found out something about him.


His first name is Johan, Johan Gerber. After designed the Gouvernementsbedrijven in Bandoeng, he came back to Netherland and working in a city called Bussum until he passed away in the age of 63. It’s not much, but we can see it as a start. We’re gonna find much more about you sir.


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