The Conference of World Religions

“We are seeking to reinvigorate that spirit of learning and respect and to restore the rightful contribution religion has to offer the 21st Century,”

The Conference of World Religions is religious conference organized by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. This Conference  will take place on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at the historical Great Hall of Guildhall in London.

“According to the community’s website, several international faith and civic leaders will address a specially invited audience of about 500 delegates from the world of faith, politics, government and the diplomatic corps, as well as a range of specialist NGOs involved in the work of peace and reconciliation.”(

I took this picture from the conference website :

I took this picture from the conference website :

This conference will be  a historical moment where the representatives of  religions and nations do a dialogue towards the same objective : World Peace. 2014 might be an important milestone for this kind of dialogue in the future, but unfortunately this conference will only be hold for one day. (I guess it will be difficult to arrange security personnel with these kinds of speakers and guests).From the speakers list I can see that they are the honorable representative from each religions and nations, and  I really hope this dialogue will be the best example of how religious dialogue should be done all over the world.

Huzoor will be the keynote speaker, and I can’t wait to read or watch the footage.  This is going to be awesome. And in my opinion this conference should have get more attention than Winter Olympic in Sochi 😛

Another thing that caught me is the venue. The Great Hall of Guildhall, London. The building is 600 years old. It had been through a lot of restoration projects, but still well preserved.

Great Hall of Guildhall  is 152 feet long, 49.5 feet broad and 89 feet high. The wall are 5 feet thick and divided by clustered columns and mouldings. At each end ofthe hall is a splendid Gothic window, occupying the whole width.  Great Hall hosts the Lord Mayor’s Banquet each year, and is where royalty and state visitors have been entertained down the centuries.


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