Crazy Level of Discipline for a Performance

I just watched Kick Andy Show on TV earlier today. They talked about a new release movie called ’12 Menit Kemenangan Untuk Selamanya’. The movie is about marching band from Bontang, Kalimantan, who struggle to have a perfect performance. The movie was inspired from a real live event, and I think the band is a real marching band, and from the dialogue I assume they shot the finale event in a real competition event in Jakarta. In those 12 minutes of real live event show, they shot the movie with 24 cameras. And from the trailer I can tell the movie is going to be good.

I  really can’t wait to watch it. I really love this kind of movie. A movie about dream, hard work and motivation. And it’s Indonesian movie…yeay! So proud!

Marching band is awesome!!

I always feel very excited watching a marching band performance. It’s like all my senses are busy watching all the motion and gestures, hearing and enjoying  the music, and above all , really moved watching a harmony they create to make a perfect performance. Awesome.

In Junior High, we have Marching Band for extracurricular activities. But I did not join marching band, I joined fine arts for extracurricular instead.  I remember the teachers are very selective to choose kids for  marching band. I think because they need veee~ry long time for practice, and that might affect their school grades. I really enjoyed their everyday practice (of course, I just need to listen from my class). Those music really encouraging, kept our spirit high through the whole day. I spent a lot of time watching their practice in the afternoon before going home. As I kept watching, I grew some kind of supporting feeling to the team, moved by their hard work.  I think they’ve won some competition too, and I’m so happy. The marching band performed their complete show in the day where parents came to collect report books. I was so excited to show our marching band to my father, and  drag him to watch it, but unfortunately he had an operation schedule, so we left without watching the marching band performance. I felt kinda sad, like betraying my friend’s hard work.

Marching band  also reminds me of Departures ; North Korean episode, which they showed the Arirang mass performance , with a hundred thousand performer. That’s crazy. I think the performance showed another level of human limitation. I mean they can play for a half an hour, with a hundred thousand people in a perfect harmony, including little kids. Just like Justin said ‘imagine a television with thousands pixels, but every little pixel is a child holding color cards’. They combine music,  martial art, gymnastic, dance, live theater all in the performance, but only four words that stuck in my mind : discipline. Crazy level of discipline.


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