Choleric-Phlegmatic in Control

Actually I kinda afraid to sit in front of my laptop when there is no near deadline. Usually I’ll end up watching dramas rerun or movies and then abandoning whatever I’m supposed to do. I’m writing this blog with the superpower control not to watch Sherlock Holmes for the hundred times.

Talking about control, since I’m a choleric-phlegmatic I have some problems with controlling myself, yet I don’t have the the same problems towards other people.(I don’t control people, please don’t misunderstand me). Think of it as a switch that allow you to change mode in a different situation. The problem is, I don’t know the location of the switch, so my brain went error frequently. Hahaha.

According to Miss Uta Milewski (.  Choleric Phlegmatic must have a great deal of control over the lives and behaviors of others and will tolerate only a moderate amount of control over his own life and behavior.

It’s sounds bad if you put it like that, lady. But, I kinda agree with the statement. 😀 But let me explain, Choleric-Phlegmatic are not a new hitler!  We just don’t like not knowing, so we kinda hate surprises, any kind of surprises, even jokes like birthday surprises. We feel like we lost a war. For example, if we have to work with someone that we barely know, we make a lot of observations, almost like a detective. We look for patterns of behaviors, so we can predict the next movement that we should or shouldn’t take. Maybe a little bit exaggerating, but basically we need to do observation to calculate the risk before deciding something. Sounds like hard work? Not really. This kind of thing is like breathing, natural things to do for choleric-phlegmatic. Because unlike choleric, choleric-phlegmatic do this kinda of thing to survive, to stay out of trouble, not to control people. In a different situation, if we work with people that we know and trust, we are quite enjoy being controlled.  I mean, who doesn’t? you don’t have to do all the thinking and just focus to finish the job.

On the contrary, choleric-phlegmatic do really bad job to control themselves. Think of it as war. You need to be in control and high alert situation when you’re dealing with other people. And then when you’re alone you feel very safe and put down your armor. When we need to do some works alone, then this is the usual time when our brain start to go error. Haha. Part of choleric keep thinking to do the job well, but the phlegmatic side emerges in full force to act indifferent.

So, what’s the solution? Choleric-Phlegmatic use another people they trust to control them. Hahaha. Another solution is that they put themselves, so I should say, flung themselves to a tight situation that force the choleric side to do their job at work. It’s like both side manipulating each other to keep going forward with the job.  But well, controlling oneself is a difficult thing to do for everybody. And just like everybody, we still have to push ourselves to struggle with self-ego to be a better person.

Confuse? Yeah me too.. this writing is just one of the gibberish. 595 words , I can’t think of anything else to write, but we can add about 480 words that I wrote this morning in class ( ̄ー ̄) (Please forgive my lame excuse). So I wrote 1000 words today! Yeay!!

This writing is dedicated to people that I often use as a victim to help me. Thank you guys. *bows*


7 responses to “Choleric-Phlegmatic in Control

  1. I thought that I’m the only one of this sort :).
    I feel exactly the same, strange…
    How many of us, Choleric-Phlegmatic, are there?
    I was more like Phlegmatic till 30, and then started to shift more towards Choleric up to now (I’m 48). And they say that your temperament doesn’t change over lifespan.
    I also can use equally well both hands – anybody else?

    • Thank you for your comment, and sorry for a late reply. I think there are quite many choleric-phlegmatic people in this world. It’s just their/our personality make it less visible. They will appear either as choleric or phlegmatic depending on the condition. I think maybe basic temperamant of a human will be hard to change, however we need to be a better a person, so maybe a little change will do no harm.

      • Khaerani,
        You’ve started an interesting discussion.
        Let’s make a club of CholPhleg people. Might be quite interesting to share our experiences.
        For me, most challenging is not being pushy.

  2. Thanks for you reply. I’m a bit pessimistic about this club. Because as you know Choleric Phlegmatic is the most un-emotional kind of the four temperament, and I doubt they will be willing to share this kind of experiences. And even if they do, I imagine the conversation will just be talking about “I can’t understand why some people should feel so emotional about something”. But, if you want to make it, please do so and I’d be interested to join.

  3. it really helps me a lot. its actually my personality to be just like that, not trying to push harder. The Personality of a phlegmatic as a easy going persons. I wanted to push myself harder but at the end of the day my phlegmatic side will always conquer my decisions. How can I be an effective choleric? or just by being motivated?

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