Writing 1000 words a day

Writing 1000 words a day.

I just read a blog in Medium : https://medium.com/on-publishing/3895f4d045d2. How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life (Why behavior matters more than outcomes)

Basically in the blog,  the writer said that because of a certain circumstances, he was pushed to write, but he found it very difficult to get an idea to write. So he decided to write 1000 words a day. At first he wrote so many garbage, but later he started to feel that writing is part of his life ( please excuse my paraphrasing). He wrote whatever he wants to write and later he found it itchy if he don’t write anything in a day. As he kept writing then the ideas just flows.

He wrote that there are 3 ways that you can use to develop 1000 words habit :

  1. Using Activation Energy
  2. Dealing with a writer’s block
  3. Willingness to create garbage.

I can see that dealing with a writer’s block is basically talking about how to get an idea. He told us to write whatever we want to write and the ideas will just flows. As an architecture student , we’ve been dealing with this kind of problem, but of course with drawing not with writing. But still, it’s just the same. With drawing we just need to sketch non-stop. We can’t get an idea with just talking or reading. (well yeah some people can).

I remember the first time that I need to write. Basically architecture student don’t have to write well. Well….not exactly like that, but we didn’t get a proper lesson to write. We usually submit a bunch of drawings instead of papers. But, then I enrolled in master program which requires me to read and write a lot in scientific manners. The day I have to submit my first research paper I had a fever. Actually I had some problems categorizing about 50 journal and papers and describing each categories. Simple task, but imagine how a newbie do that. I got a headache till afternoon, but then suddenly there was ‘click’ sound in my head as if some part of my brain had moved a little (creepy). But after that I can say that I quite enjoy writing, of course limited in scientific context. Writing theoretically can help to structure our thinking patterns. But, that’s just theoretically, I still need a lot of writing to prove that.  Writing a blog without a fix theme is  quite different, but hopefully I can enjoy writing in this blog too someday (I’m still waiting for the click sound though).

There…428 words.., 428 kinds of gibberish.  So I still have a debt of about 572 words to be written..Maybe later,  I need  to break my fasting for today.

Thank you


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