Making the word ‘Logic’ sounds bad

I just went browsing and watching TED videos, when I decided to watch this video by Richard Dawkins : Militant Atheism.

I always kinda curious after reading the chapter about his book in Revelation Religion Knowledge and Truth ( Part V : The Blindwatchmaker who is also Deaf and Dumb), and so I tried to watch it. This video is irritating. I’m being judgmental here, even though I think I should watch it with open mind instead, but I can’t.

Before, I always highly respect  someone that declare themselves as an atheist. Not that I agree with their ideas, but I think declaring themselves as an atheist means they are thinking hard about the existence of God, even though  in the end they believe that there is no God. Thinking hard about the existence of God is one step further than just believing something that your parents told you about. I respect this kind of people more than people who declare themselves as religious people but their actions do not reflect that they acknowledge the existence of God.

What  Richard Dawkins did in the video was basically just mocking. He spoke with sarcasm. Trying to put his logic to the audience as if he wants to invite people to the belief, make the word ‘Logic’ sounds bad. I don’t really get it. Many people are trying to persuade others to believe in their religion, inviting  to something they believe is right and will save them. As an atheist, they don’t believe that God is exist, it should not be a problem for them if they commit a sin or doing good deeds. So, why does he need to persuade other to agree with his belief? 

Buddhism : “To be attached to a certain view and to look down upon other views as inferior – this is the wise men call a fetter” ( Sutta Nipata 798)


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