Lesson From 2013 #1

I think New Year is about reviewing a previous year and planning for next year.

For me 2013 is a blissful year, but one thing I want to highlight about 2013 is about encounters with bad project management. I rarely deal with project management, and this year I learnt a lot.

The first project is a conservation project. The project was awesome. We were having fun taking building physical measurements, reading old Dutch books, and searching for old photos in dusty rooms. But, in the end of the project we need to deal with the payment.

The management staff said that we should collect the bills that worth the price of the contract. (Why? Although we didn’t understand, we submited it anyway). Another person said that our project was just wasting time “Somebody had been drawing it anyway. Why did you  bother to redraw it again?.” (For your information, we have already checked that no one in this world had done the measurement drawing  before) “Why did you guys eat candies while having a meetings?”. In the third attempt, another person commented that we were faking the tools we’re using to draw. These kind of inspection took approximately 2 months, repeatedly coming to hand over evidence.

I didn’t get this. Were these supposed to be done by a management staff? In the end I made a detail per day journal of our project for four months including photos and bills. In desperation I told one of my lecturer about me having a problem with management procedure, and he simply said  “You’re having a big project there, and the staff  didn’t get their share, of course they won’t happy to assist you.”.

“Oh…I see.”

 Another encounter was for a research fund. The research was done in about three months. But the funds was out many months after the research done. I didn’t get it. Why did they need to delay the fund, was the procedure rea~lly complicated or something? “No, they can save the money in the bank first so they can get interest. The longer they put the money, the longer they save money, they can earn more interest.”

“Oh, I see”.

There are many more stories about the reality of projects management that I learn this year, and many of these stories shocking and unpleasant. I’m still new in this field, and many things I need to learn. Reality are always different from textbook, but I hope Allah will always protect us from wrongdoing.

Hopefully in 2014 we don’t have to deal with things like this anymore.


2 responses to “Lesson From 2013 #1

  1. “…No, they can save the money in the bank first so they can get interest. The longer they put the money, the longer they save money, they can earn more interest…”

    what a madness 😦

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