Argument about Magical Bathroom

I Just read my friend blog post about how a bathroom is arguably a perfect place to get idea. He said that he doesn’t know how the mechanism of the brain exactly works, but every morning when he sits in the toilet/bathroom he can get overflowing ideas.

This is definitely something that we should all pay attention to. Since we always need a place to get ideas.

I will paraphrase his writing  a little here,  but you should read the original post with the brilliant choice of words. He wrote that if the answer is maybe the impression of space that forms because of the physical characteristic of the bathroom that stimulate us to thin. Therefore, similar  kind of space can also be a good place to think, for example; space under the blanket, or a dark room without any light.

Here is my argument :

I think a bathroom is a good place to think because of the limitation of activities that can be done in the room. This limitation lead us to habit. When we’re doing our habitual activities we tend to do it without thinking. Therefore, my answer is : The bathroom is magical because we don’t need some part of the brain to do our habitual activities, so we can use most part of our brain to think and get many ideas.

Here some proof: For me, a good place to think is not only a bathroom. I can always think in the ironing room, while ironing, and  in the kitchen while washing the dishes. These two rooms have a different physical characteristics and measurements. But only in the condition we don’t have a companion to talk to.

Here’s another proof: My best thinking room is the car, while driving back and forth to a frequent place like campus. But I do not recommend this kind of activities. Sometimes I take public transportation to campus, and sometimes I drive. When these two habit mashed up and you’re thinking about something else, you’ll end up driving following a public transport. (translate: ngetem bersama angkot).


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