Introduction with a Historical Perspective (First Chapter of Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth)

A: I saw the writing above said that you would write everyday
B: Yes it does said that.
A: But you didn’t.
B: No, I didn’t.
A: Why?
B: Hmmm….Just because..
A: ……
B: Having one posted is already pretty amazing, don’t you think so? I still don’t get it. Why do I have to write?
A: Because you said you have to learn to write.
B: Did I ?
A: ….. I don’t have anything to write actually.

At first I had many ideas to write about. Morning is always a good time for ideas. You stretched your body a bit, and you get fresh ideas flooding in your brain. And then you decide to write it later that night. That’s when you make a mistake. Something you push it for later is the same as put it in the trash with those who will never get done.

But…. I saw my book copy of Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth earlier this evening, and I think I can write something about this book. I’m not the type who read a book thoroughly. I use to read the contents, chapter one, two, and then jump into the conclusion chapter. If I think the book worth reading, I will read it again once again, in the right order. That’s why I don’t read motivational, historical, or philosophy books regularly. Not that I can’t. I read those kind of books occasionally when those books are in context with something else that I need. And I do enjoy them.

This book is one of the best book I’ve ever read, and it contains all those things but in awesome way of writing, wrote by His Excellency Mirza Tahir Ahmad. I don’t usually read a preface of a book, but the most important part of this book is the preface and the first chapter. And this is what I will write about. The book title is Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth. The first chapter is trying to explain these four title words. I will try to explain in my own writing what I understand about this first chapter. Not that the original writing is hard to understand ( you should read the original by the way), but I just want to exercise a little bit here.

We know that truth is that something we find is true. Something that is a definitive. Will never be wrong in any way. For example a science facts is always considered as a truth. Gravity theory of Newton for example. There are no human had been prove that the theory is wrong for hundred years, so it must be true.

And then we know that Knowledge can be define as a perception of something which is safely stored in the mind as a reliable piece of information. We read the gravity theory in the text book, and we gain knowledge that everything in the air will drop to the earth because gravity pull it.

These two things, Knowledge and Truth are not that hard to understand. We gain information about something, and we can through some examinations, to prove is the information are legit, so we can call it truth. The examinations and confirmation process between these two things are Rationality. Human faculty of reasoning and mental process of sorting out the right from the wrong is the mechanism of rationality.

Another example is geocentrism. Ancient people used to believe that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are circled earth. The knowledge they have back than is that the Sun, Moon, and the stars are moving in a certain way every day and night, while they feel that, we, on earth are stay still. With these information, they made a mental process of Rationality, and confirmed that those sky object are moving around earth. And then they believe that geocentrism is the truth, before Nikolas Copernicus came with Heliocentricism.

The point is that something that we always believe is true can always be not true at some point. Human mind has no consistency in relation to its own findings. Whatever is considered rational in one age may not necessarily be considered rational in another. Just like physical exercise improve power, one’s rationality develop and gain strength with mental exercise.

So, what is Truth? The eternal truth is only belong to one and the only GOD the Almighty creator. This is when Revelation is involved. Revelation is a religious terminology that refers to human communication with GOD. IF we believe that God is the creator, than only The Creator knows the truth about everything. Then Revelation is the tools that can make humans find the truth, by communicating with God.

From these explanation, I assume that the most important things to understand this book is our perspective about truth. We need to understand that we just only human that can always be wrong about everything. We need to broaden our perspective that the truth is not always be true, but we still have to exercise out mental perspective, so we can develop our rationality to examine whether something can be considered true or not. And moreover, we still need to ask continuously to God Almighty if something we considered true is the truth.

That’s all folks. This writing is just a personal perspective, please refer to the original writing to avoid misguiding haha…And.. I’m too lazy to check my grammar errors right now so, I’ll do it tomorrow, or the day after, or maybe …sometimes.


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