English Practice file #1 : How to Learn History


This is my first writing since..mm, you know.. I have to  practice my writing in english. Not that my Indonesian writing is bette, though. But I like it better if I don’t have to write anything..haha


So, this is what I will do. I will write anything, I will post it, and then I will evaluate it for grammar, typo and structural error, and maybe counting time of writing. So,  this way (hopefully)  I can see a development in my writing.

I have to practice my english. Just because I need a good IELTS score in writing, because a psychologist told me to write  about a century ago, …..and a sudden urge of writing after read someone’s blog.

I haven’t  got any idea what kind of blog I should write, so I will write random things first. So, folks , bear with my broken english if you happen to read this anyway.

Tuesday, October 22 2013 – 19.25 WIB

This week is a mid-term test week in campus. My close friend happen to be an academic assistant and she had to manage a lot of tests this week. She told me that students nowadays have no effort to learn. They used to demand a presentation file of the lecture, instead of learning from their own notes, and lecturer are getting permissive. I agree, they are sometimes too nice 🙂 And then we talked about history of architecture and how the students usually get bored and burden easily by the subject.

I remember that I never like history subject at school. Basically I have a weakness in almost all  social subject that require reading and memorizing. That is one of the reason why I chose architecture , because they don’t memorize something, they draw something.

But then, I happen to be a historian architect. I grew a passion for history for years and learn how to understand history, and I realized that we have a serious mistake of teaching  history at school.

Usually they teach history with going by the book. They put a lot of text in the book and demand kids to memorize it at a certain time. This is so wrong, even if you have a super power of memorizing, all of these will vanish in no time, unless he understand what is he reading about. Understanding the language is not the same as understanding the content.

Instead of emphasizing the moment of history, people need to emphasize the reason and the cause of history. That’s how people will learn.


20.11 WIB

This is all I can write today. I have some deadlineS.  Maybe I will write longer tommorow. Thank you for reading.


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